Alert issued in China again, this time there is a danger of the disease spreading from human to human


The administration has issued an alert after a suspected case of bubonic plague surfaced in a hospital in northern China on Sunday. A third level warning has been issued for the prevention and control of plague in the internal Mongolian autonomous region, Bynum, according to the news of the Government People's Daily Online.

This suspected case of bubonic plague came to light in a hospital in Bynum on Saturday. The local health department has issued this warning until the end of 2020.

The local health authority said that there is a danger of the human plague epidemic in the city at this time. The public should increase awareness and capacity for self-defense and should be given immediate information about abnormal health conditions.

What is bubonic plague and how it spreads

Bubonic plague is also known as Guiltwala plague in which unbearable pain in the body, high fever, and pulse speed up, then in two-three days, the gland comes out and ripen in two weeks. After this pain hurts more than fire.

The plague first occurs in the rat and then when the mice die, the flea, which is filled with bacteria of the plague, enters the man's body. And when a man bites this flea, the infectious fluid inside it spews into the blood, which infects humans. Let us know that the plague spreads in humans two to three weeks after the mice start dying.