Ajmer: Demand for opening flower shops closed in Dargah and nearby!


Demand for the opening of flower shops closed from lockdown due to the global pandemic Corona near Dargah of world famous Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Hassan Chishti located in Ajmer in Rajasthan is now growing.

Anjuman Syed Jadhagan, Anjuman Yadgar Sheikhzadgan, Dargah Committee, a group of Muslim class and Khadim associated with the National Human Rights Mission, has collectively demanded the District Collector to open the shops by submitting a memorandum in the name of the Chief Minister. The memorandum states that the dargah is not any Taj Mahal that Aqidtmand will come and see and return. The dargah is the center of faith and akidat and its attendance is considered incomplete until poor Nawaz's tomb is presented with a chadar, flower and tavrook.

In such a situation, it was demanded from the government that flower shops should be allowed to open. Also, ban on the sale of sheets, flowers, tavrooks should be lifted. The memorandum also said that people from different parts of the country come and get employment here, so the government should give approval to resume this sale closed from lockdown.

It is noteworthy that before the lockdown, the entry of zerines was banned from March 20, which was opened from September 7 during the unlock. Now the arrival of zerions in Dargah Sharif is intensifying, but the ban on sheets, flowers, prasad, etc. continues, due to which there is a problem of livelihood in front of thousands of people.