Air quality in many parts of America is very poor due to forest fire!


People in Oregon, Washington and California are forced to breathe in the foul air caused by wildfires in the western coastal region. People who used to go for occasional walks due to the Coronavirus epidemic, were often able to go out on a walk, now due to the polluted air.

Air quality has remained extremely poor for about a week or so. Scientists claim that the stinging yellow-green air will last for several days or weeks. The fire in the forests is spreading and it is going to cause further devastation. According to Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality, and air quality index between 301 and 500 is considered hazardous. In many cities of Oregon, it exceeds 500, which is outside the index scale.

Health officials have advised people to stay indoors and keep windows and doors closed. "In some areas, the air quality is so poor that it cannot even be measured," said Health Officer Sarah Present. North California meteorologist Dan Brosham said the bad wind is not expected to bring relief until October.