After the withdrawal of the army, the US has shunned the security in Afghanistan


The United States, which has been engaged in the security of Afghanistan for years, has now lost its security from the post-army withdrawal. The US has said that the army cannot take any guarantee of Afghanistan's security after its withdrawal. US National Security Advisor (NSA) Jack Sullivan was asked in a Fox News program that President Barack Obama sent forces again in 2011 when the Islamic State (IS) captured after the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq. was.

What will the US do under such circumstances after the army withdrawal to Afghanistan? NSA Jack Sullivan said President Joe Biden had no intention of repatriating the army. No army can guarantee security after withdrawal. We have fully helped to enable Afghanistan. Has provided resources to their forces to increase their strength. Capacity is increased by giving equipment, training is also given. It is now time for the security forces to return. People here have to take steps about their safety themselves. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has said that Afghanistan is capable of protecting itself.

Gani said Pakistan should decide, is it friendship or enmity?

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani has warned Pakistan ahead of the withdrawal of the US military. He said that Pakistan has to decide what it wants. If he tries to destabilize our country, then he will not be able to remain stable. Now he has to decide, he wants friendship or enmity. Addressing the public in Kabul, the President said, "We are fully prepared for the conditions after the withdrawal of foreign forces." For this, we have also prepared our plan. It is to be noted that US President Joe Biden has announced the withdrawal of the army by 11 September.