After the election, Trump's conduct will be ruthless interpretation in history: Nikki Haley


Indian American Republican leader Nikki Haley condemned President Donald Trump's speech claiming to provoke his supporters to attack the Parliament House, saying his conduct after the election would be a ruthless interpretation in history.

"We can discuss our important differences and we should do so," Haley said at a meeting of the Republican National Committee in Florida on Friday. But we should stop the people of America from standing against each other and show this Republican Party the way forward.

Several US media institutions have published excerpts from Friday's Haley speech. He was wrong in Charlottesville, and I told him that time too. Earlier, he said the wrong thing, and these are not mere words. The history of his conduct from the election day will be ruthlessly interpreted. His comment was first published by Politico.

Haley said that President Trump did not choose the right words every time. At the same time, many leaders including Haley have condemned Twitter for permanently closing Trump's account, saying 'America is not China.'