After the dog's death from Corona, Now tiger and cats are prone to infection


The first death of a seven-year-old German Shepard breed dog 'Buddy' from Corona has been recorded in Staten Island, New York. Robert Mahoney reported that the seven-year-old 'Buddy' had respiratory problems in mid-April.

Corona was confirmed in the investigation. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the dog's health deteriorated for three months, and on July eleven, vomiting increased and he died due to increased respiratory discomfort.

Veterinarians say the exact cause of the dog's death has not been known. Blood tests have shown that lymphoma cancer may also be the cause of death. He was buried before the Health Department.

Cases of infection in lions, tigers, and cats also

According to the US Department of Agriculture, the coronavirus has been confirmed in 25 dogs, 10 cats, a tiger, and a lion so far in the US. It is not yet clear whether the virus in animals is spreading from humans or in some other way. According to media reports, the second case of corona in dogs in Georgia and sixth in South Carolina in South Carolina has been reported. The agency