After the attack on Syria, Biden gave a strict warning to Iran, said - will have to suffer the consequences


US President Joe Biden warned Iran after the airstrikes in Syria that it should now understand that it would have to bear the consequences of supporting the fighters. He said that no compromise will be made regarding the security of the soldiers of the United States and coalition countries. Biden said you cannot proceed with wrong policies, be careful.

Let us tell that by attacking Syria, the US has destroyed the Iran-backed rebel bases there. Biden took his first military action since becoming president on February 15 in response to missile attacks on US military bases in Iraq.

However, Indian-American Democratic MP Ro Khanna opposed the attacks, saying it should not be justified. He said we are moving towards an unending war.

US personnel-protected bases

The White House has said that President Joe Biden protected American personnel and targets by conducting airstrikes in Syria and avoided threats of convictions and attacks. Press Secretary Jane Saki said, the president is giving a clear message that he is going to take steps to protect the interests of Americans, and he will act on his own at the right time when there is danger.

We, Will, continue to support Syria: Iran

Iranian Foreign Minister Muhammad Jawad Sharif has said that Iran will continue its support to Syria at all costs. Sharif clarified Iran's intentions with Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Meqdad that the interests, independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Arab countries be protected.