After killing his daughter's boyfriend Father did such a disgusting act with the daughter 


A 55-year-old father murdered her daughter's boyfriend and then married as well. This case is from West Virginia in America. The father married the daughter 3 weeks after the boyfriend's murder. Recently, the case has been revealed during the court hearing.

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Father Larry Paul McClure has been charged with First Degree Murder, according to a news website report. Before the incident, 38-year-old Tomas McClure was dating his 31-year-old daughter, Amanda.

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Amanda and her sister have also been accused of killing her boyfriend. The father and his two daughters have been arrested. Police said McClure was hit by a bottle of alcohol on his head. He was then injected with meth and then strangled to death. The incident took place in February 2019.

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According to local police, in the flat where the murder took place, the father-daughter started living and both got married. McCloor's body was recovered after police questioned the accused father. The accused father himself told the police how his two daughters also assisted in the murder. Recently, during the hearing held in the local court, the police said that three people were involved in the murder.