After bringing India, can be kept in this cell of the jail. Neerav Modi - Vijay Mallya


After the fugitive diamond businessman Neerav Modi and alcohol trader Vijay Mallya have been brought to India, they can be kept in the same cell of Arthur Road jail in Mumbai. According to the news, Barrack No. 12 of this prison is being prepared for this. Both can be kept in a 20-foot 15-foot closet. This room has fans and tube lights. In addition, it can get many amenities like clean water, fans and toilet. India is currently trying its best to extradite both of the fugitive businessmen from Britain, who are in London. Mallya is on bail, but Neerava Modi is locked in a jail there. According to reports, the jail department of Maharashtra has told the Home Ministry what facilities can be given to Nirav Modi in Arthur Road Jail. The central government has also sought information from the Maharashtra government.

Will get gulf, pillow, blanket

According to PTI, the jail department has assured that there will be no more than three prisoners in the closet where Neerav Modi will be kept. Barrack No. 12 has two rooms, out of which three prisoners have been kept in one room. The second room is empty. This room has three fans, six tube lights and two windows. If Nirvav Modi was kept here, according to European standards, he could be given only three square meters instead. He will get a gulf, pillow, sheet and blanket.

Many facilities between strong security

The security of this barrack is very strong and there is no case of harassment and misbehavior in it. According to the news, Nirav Modi can be allowed to go out of the closet for yoga, entertainments etc. for an hour every day. The jail department has assured that Nirvav Modi will be given a place to keep adequate light, ventilation and personal belongings. He will be provided with necessary facilities like clean water, medicine, toilet etc. to drink every day.

It is worth mentioning that many notorious people of underworld and terrorist organizations in Mumbai's Arthur Road Jail were kept closed. Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab was also kept in jail. Apart from this, the High Profile prisoners like Abu Salem, Chhota Rajan, Mustafa Dausa, Peter Mukherjee have been convicted or bitten by the sentence here.