After all, what religion does Kim Jong Un follows, know here


Kim Jong, the dictator of North Korea, is not interested in anyone's identity. He is known for making his own arbitrary rules. In North Korea, he has made many such rules which you will be surprised to know about.

Recently, the ruler of North Korea, Kim Jong, had made a rule that every person in the country would have to excrete 90 kg daily. Manure will be made from this stool. If no one does this, then he has to make the fertilizer available to the government or pay it.

Since it is impossible to do so, poor North Korea people have to provide animal manure to Kim. Or they have to give fertilizer money to the government.

Well, it may be strange for you but it is not known how many rules he has made. He calls himself God. But do you know what religion Kim Jong believes in? This dictator of North Korea is an atheist, ie a person who does not believe in any god. Kim Jong does not believe in any religion and any god. He is considered the supreme leader in North Korea by Kim Jong Un.