After 43 years, the comet will jump fast towards the sun


Astronomers have seen an unprecedented event in space dotted with mysteries. In it, he is seen transforming into a shadow of Jupiter, a mysterious icy orbiting comet that will leap toward the sun after 43 years.

It is named LD2, also known as the original centaur. Such centaurs roam between Jupiter and Neptune. May also behave like asteroids and comets.

They usually either exit the solar system or move closer to the Sun. Coming towards the Sun, it takes the form of a very active comet and revolves around it.

The transition period to be completed in 2063

According to a study published in The Astrophysical General Letters last month, the ongoing gravitational pull around LD2 showed that it would create space within the solar system. Astronomers say that the transition period of this centaur will be completed in the year 2063. Also, it will be interesting to see what will happen when an ancient icy ball jumps towards the sun.

Knew last year

NASA's Alert System Atlas had its telescope detected last year. During that time it was seen looking for Jupiter's orbital path. Currently, scientists say that after 43 years, it will be seen moving around our sun at a very fast speed.