Afghanistan: Two killed, two injured, including Imam in a suicide bombing in Kabul mosque


Two people, including the mosque's imam, were killed and two others were injured in a suicide bombing in a mosque in Afghanistan's capital Kabul on Tuesday. The blast occurred at a time when people gathered to offer Namaz.

Giving details of the incident, Afghanistan Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Arian said that the Wazir Akbar Khan Mosque was targeted around 7:25 pm when people gathered to offer the evening prayers.

He said that Imam Mullah Mohammed Ayaz Niyaji, who was present in the mosque, was injured in the attack. He was rushed to the hospital, where he later died during treatment.

He said that no immediate organization has claimed responsibility for the attack at present, but the IS organization has been carrying out attacks in Kabul for the past few weeks and has also carried out attacks in Afghanistan's mosques in the past. However, Taliban rebels never attack the mosque.