Afghanistan : 100 civilians killed in Taliban attack, bodies still lying on the ground


100 people were allegedly brutally murdered in the Spin Boldak district of Kandahar province of Afghanistan. Afghanistan's Interior Ministry is blaming the Taliban for these incidents of violence and killings. Earlier it was being said that the Taliban have captured 90 percent of the border areas of Afghanistan. Last week the Taliban also attacked Spin Boulder district.

mourning in Afghanistan

There is an atmosphere of mourning in the whole of Afghanistan due to the death of 100 people. According to the information, these 100 bodies are still lying on the ground. After capture, the Taliban looted the homes of civilians, raised their flags there, and killed innocent people. However, the Taliban has not claimed responsibility for these deaths. He has denied any involvement in the killing of civilians.

Interior ministry spokesman Mirwais Stanakzai said, "Furious terrorists on the orders of their Punjabi masters (Pakistan) attacked the homes of innocent Afghans, looted houses, and killed 100 innocent people in some areas of Spin Boldak." Only this reveals the true face of the cruel enemy.

Video footage related to the incident released

Let us tell you that last week the Taliban captured Spin Boldak and then ransacked it. France 24 released video footage of the incident showing several Taliban members ransacking the city, looting homes, and confiscating the vehicles of government officials who fled the area.

They were seen roaming the market on a motorcycle and looting the area which provides direct access to Pakistan's Balochistan province. They also hoisted Taliban flags in a house.

A member of Kandahar's provincial council said unidentified gunmen evicted two of his sons from the house a day before Eid and then killed them. According to Afghan security agencies, the bodies of several civilians are still lying on the ground in Spin Boldak. Meanwhile, the Taliban has denied any involvement in the killing of civilians.