Advice: How much pregnant women are at risk of corona? Taking these precautions will not cause infection


The infection in the second wave of the Corona epidemic has wreaked havoc on people of all ages, whether it is men or women. This time the infection has increased from children to pregnant women and due to this, it is being said that pregnant women are more at risk of corona infection than ordinary women. However, it is not so. There has been much research on this and experts also say that the risk of the corona is as much to the common women as pregnant women, but the risk of getting a serious disease is higher in pregnant women. Let us know what precautions should be taken by pregnant women in the current situation of corona?

The common rules to avoid corona, such as wearing a mask, keeping a safe physical distance, washing hands with soap, all these rules should also be strictly followed by pregnant women. However, if you are going out of work very important, then it is important to avoid going into the crowd so that there is no risk of infection. Even going to the hospital should be avoided unless very necessary.

Regular checkups and tests during pregnancy, you must get done. Apart from this, take the medicines prescribed by the doctor. Eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, do yoga, and walking regularly. This helps in keeping the body healthy.

Special care needs to be taken if a pregnant woman has hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes, and respiratory disease, as corona infection can be dangerous for such women. Therefore, pregnant women should consult the doctor from time to time regarding these diseases.

What to do if pregnant women become infected with corona?

First of all, isolate yourself and separate all the items of need from others. If symptoms are mild, get treatment at home. Take doctor's advice regularly, take medicines, and have a healthy diet. Keep a thermometer and oximeter with you and keep checking for fever and oxygen levels. If there is too much trouble, difficulty in breathing, or if the oxygen level goes down, then get admitted to Astel immediately on the advice of the doctor.

Should pregnant women take the vaccine or not?

The fact sheet of the two vaccines (covishield and covaxine) being used in India states that pregnant women should not get the corona vaccine, as they have not undergone vaccine trials. However, the CDC recently said in a report that pregnant women should also get vaccinated, as it has more benefits than risk factors.

Note- This article has been prepared on the basis of conversation with Dr. Vinoo Aggarwal, Obstetrician and Gynecologist of Miracles Medical clinic and Apollo Cradle Hospital, Gurugram. Doctor Veenu Aggarwal has been practicing for the last several years.

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