Adolf Hitler's victory in Namibia's election, does not aspire to rule the world


A local election in the South African country Namibia has become a topic of discussion all over the world. The reason for this is that a person named Adolf Hitler has won a big victory in this election. However, apart from his name, Hitler Unona says that he has no desire to rule the world.

54-year-old Hitler is a member of the ruling Swapo Party in Namibia. He has been elected as a councilor after winning from the Ompunja constituency by around 85 percent of the vote. Talking to a German newspaper 'Bild' after his victory, Hitler said that he had nothing to do with 'Nazi ideology'.

The common name used in childhood

Explain that the name Hitler is not uncommon in Namibia, once a colony of Germany. His father named him after the Nazi leader of Germany, Hitler. Hitler says that he does not understand what Adolf Hitler means to him. As a child, I used to think of this generic name.

Nothing to do with 'Hitler'

Hitler says, 'When I grew up, it came to me that this person (dictator Adolf Hitler) wanted to rule the whole world. I have nothing to do with all these things. Having this name does not mean that I want to win over Oshana (where the Ompunja Assembly is). '

No intention to change the name

This leader, known as Adolf Unona among the public, says that there is no intention of changing my name because this name is recorded in all my official documents. Let us tell that between the years 1884 to 1915 Namibia was a part of Germany and then it was called German South Western Africa.