A woman who considers Corona as fake has become infected, now giving advice to people to stay at home


Coronavirus is considered by some to be false. They feel that there is no threat from Corona. This thinking gave a good lesson to a pregnant woman from Gloucestershire, England. He considered the virus to be false and today he is suffering from the virus.

Pregnant Tory Howell reported that the epidemic was a hoax for her before symptoms, she is now found to be covid positive and is struggling to breathe due to the virus.

Talking to local media, Tory said that his health was poor since Sunday, he had problems with taste and smell. It all started with fever followed by cold and headache.

He further said that he is truly breathless. She is an asthma patient and is completely on medication. He said that yesterday was my worst day. Tory still feels unwell but the baby is fine.

Tory Howell admitted that the coronavirus is not false, it is real. Now she is advising people to stay at home. She said 'I read a lot of things online about the virus and I honestly felt that this has been going on for months because I didn't know about it.'

Howell said the virus is real. I take back the words I once said. My message to the people is, please stay home. She is now regularly in contact with an online doctor.

Now people on social media are wishing for her quick recovery. One user wrote that time is the greatest teacher. Hope you get well soon.