A woman was walking by putting a dog's leash around her husband's neck, police slapped a heavy fine


In the Corona era, such news comes from all over the world, which has become quite viral on social media, now the news is from the state of Quebec, Canada where a woman took the husband on a stroll by putting a dog on his neck to escape the restrictions of the Coronavirus. Has gone.

But this woman's actions could not escape the eyes of the police and the woman along with her husband imposed a heavy fine. This strange use of women on social media is making a lot of fun.

Actually, it happened that on Saturday night a woman took her husband for a walk on the streets of Quebec. But curfew has been imposed from eight o'clock in the night to about five o'clock in view of the corona infection, while some things are exempted, including dog walking.

When the woman was taking her husband for a walk by putting a dog's rope around her neck, the police caught her and questioned her, she pointed to her husband and said that she was going to take the dog for a walk.

But the police did not listen to her and fined her and her husband about 87-87 thousand rupees. Police said the couple did not cooperate with the police, which led to them being fined.

Significantly, due to the coronavirus, governments around the world have imposed certain restrictions to protect people from corona, but people do not desist from their strange antics. In such a situation, the police teach them a good lesson.