A three-layer mask is effective in protecting against Covid-19, research claims


Researches are rapidly taking place in the world, from testing, treatment, and prevention to epidemics that spread from Kovid-19 infection. To prevent infection, a team of researchers with masks claimed that three layers of well-fitting masks have the potential to prevent more infection. This team of researchers from the Universities of Bristol and Surrey discovered that under normal circumstances, the fitting and three-layer masks are capable of filtering droplets just like surgical masks.

For example, if an infected person wearing a mask comes in contact with a healthy person, the risk of spreading the infection is reduced by 94 percent. This result of the research was published in 'Physics of Fluid'. Given the outbreak of the epidemic, masks have been made mandatory in 139 countries. The use of masks has been mandated under the Kovid Protocol issued by the World Health Organization.

The fitting of the mask should also be taken full care of. If the mask does not fit properly on the face, there may be a risk of infection. In such a situation, the coronavirus or droplets can enter your body very easily.

Let us know that people who have taken a full dose of the Corona vaccine in America have got rid of the mask. Health officials there say that fully vaccinated Americans do not need to leave mobs of strangers and apply masks elsewhere. They also said that those who have not taken the vaccine can also go out without wearing a mask except in certain situations. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released a guideline on Tuesday from the Corona Virus epidemic as part of very strict measures towards a normal life.