A possibility is there that Corona may not be over even when the vaccine is created: report


The whole world is meditating to get control of the coronavirus. Scientists from many countries are engaged in making the vaccine, but in the meantime, a report has been cited by scientists, which says that even after the vaccine is formed, the coronavirus may never end. Such as HIV, chickenpox, measles, etc.

According to the report published in the Washington Post, epidemiological experts say that prolonged survival of Kovid-19 will be important for US next-stage epidemic research. Experts say that amidst all the uncertainties, the novel coronavirus will survive in some things, which we can count in the future. There are currently four endemic coronaviruses. Many experts say that the Kovid-19 will be the fifth.

Sarah Kobe, a developmental biologist, and epidemiologist at the University of Chicago said the virus would remain here for a long time. Now the question is how can we be safe with this. According to him, constant efforts and political will are needed to fight this epidemic. Tom Freeden, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that it seems that we are currently struggling with a lack of attention. What we are doing are only short-term steps.

what should we do

Tom said that people often ask us which one of the things we should do. So my answer is, one thing we should do is that we should understand that there is not only one thing here. We need to come up with a comprehensive strategy to fight this. Whereas, it has been happening now that other countries including America are eager to make an instant vaccine.