A new case of polio found in Pakistan amid Corona epidemic


Vaccination campaigns that have been affected by Corona have started to have adverse effects. New polio cases were reported in Pakistan's Balochistan on Sunday, after which the total number of new cases has increased to 82 this year. A total of 24 new cases have been reported in Balochistan this year.

Polio vaccination campaign affected, the matter came to light

Last year, 147 cases were reported while in the year 2018 the number was just 12. An official of the National Institute of Health said that polio has been confirmed in a ten-month-old girl who is from the Quetta district. There has been a complaint of paralysis in the left leg of the child.

According to experts, the child's family was against vaccination and this is the result of that. It is known that Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only two countries in the world where polio cases are reported. In view of this, the World Health Organization made it mandatory for people of these two countries to keep a certificate of polio vaccination during their visit to another country in the year 2014.