A man jumped from the 17th floor to die, fell on a five-month-old child, Innocent died in front of her mother


One such case has come up in Russia, which will give you a shudder. Actually, a man jumped from the 17th floor to commit suicide. During this time he fell on the road to a five-month-old baby. The young man who committed suicide in the accident died on the spot. At the same time, the innocent too died before his mother.

CCTV case

According to the information, the entire incident happened on Thursday (4 February) in southwestern Voronezh and was captured on CCTV. CCTV footage shows a woman walking in the pram (baby carriage) with her child. As he tried to cross the road, a man fell at the pram. This caused the pram to tear apart and disintegrate on the road.

Child breaks into an ambulance

It is being told that the young man who fell on the pram died on the spot. According to a police official, the five-month-old babysitting in the pram died in an ambulance. CCTV footage shows that as the young man falls on the pram, the woman goes into disgrace to save her child, but is soaked in blood.

Everyone shocked by the incident

Everyone was surprised by this accident. In fact, after the accident, the woman lifted the blood-soaked child in her lap and started screaming for help. A police investigation has revealed that the young man committed suicide, for which he jumped from the 17th floor. Local media say that she was the woman's first child. The police have started the investigation of the matter. However, he refused to elaborate on the matter.