21 runners participating in a marathon in China, died, know-how and why it happened


21 runners participating in a marathon died due to inclement weather in China. This incident has shaken everyone. This incident is unique in itself when bad weather killed so many runners. According to officials, the incident is from the city of Bayin, which is located in northwest Gansu province. Here the organizers organized a 100 km long cross country mountain race.

In the beginning, everything was fine but sometime after the race started, suddenly the weather started to deteriorate. This seasonal variation in the high altitude area around the Yellow River proved disastrous for the runners. With the weather getting worse, strong rains and winds started moving. Apart from this, the hailstorm and snowfall there has also completed the right work there. Because of this, the runners started having problems. He began to have breathing complaints and complaints of hypothermia.

Because of this, this race proved to be the final race for 21 runners. Rescue workers immediately came into action to help the runners who were victims of bad weather. According to officials, a runner went missing due to bad weather, whose body was found later in the morning. His body parts had stopped working due to extreme cold. Officials in the city of Bayin confirmed this during a press briefing.

These officials say that all this has happened due to sudden seasonal changes in the high altitude area of ​​the Yellow River. According to Bayin City Mayor Zhang Juchen, 20 to 31 km in the afternoon was suddenly affected by the disastrous weather. On seeing there, strong winds started blowing with hailstorms and snow showers. Because of this, the temperature there suddenly went down considerably. After a message of help from the runners who took part in the race, the organizers sent a rescue team to the affected area, which saved 18 participants. After this, the race was canceled immediately. Seeing the seriousness of the situation, the local authorities immediately sent rescue teams for help.

According to Zhang, the eight runners involved in this race suffered minor injuries after which they were admitted to the hospital. According to China's official news agency Xinhua, many runners who took part in this race were victims of hypothermia. According to the agency, the rescue work has suffered due to bad weather in this high altitude area. As of Sunday morning, 146 runners were found safe, while five suffered minor injuries, the agency said. 172 runners were participating in this race.