200 year old Hindu temple located in Karachi as a livelihood resort for Muslim youth


In fact, the Sri Laxmi Narayan Temple, located on the original Jetty Bridge near the port of Karachi, is visited by people from the Hindu community regularly to worship and on religious festivals. This provides for the livelihood of the local Muslim youth.

According to Ramesh Vankwani, MLA of the ruling party Tehreek-e-Insaf and member of Pakistan Hindu Council, this temple is very important for Hindus. Along with this, it is also a sacred place for the last rituals and other religious rituals. He said, "This is the only temple situated on the banks of the Gulf in Karachi."

Vankwani said this temple is also important because seawater has great importance for us Hindus to worship. In rituals, many things flow into the sea.

Valuable items are found in the sea

According to a local Muslim youth Shafiq, the Hindu bridge coming to the temple throws many items into the sea, they contain many precious items, this means that the local boys can collect these items and make their livelihood.

20-year-old Shafiq and 17-year-old Ali, along with a few others, often leap into the sea to find such objects. According to Shafiq, the boys have found gold and silver jewelry, coins, and many other valuables. He said, 'We trained ourselves and have become professional divers and swimmers. We can hold the breath for long periods of time inside the water and find things.

Asked whether the devotees or temple attendants object to this, Ali said that sometimes he shouts and asks to leave. Ali said, when this happens, we go away for a few days but later come back to our place on the bridge. We stay here as long as the tax temple is open for worship. Throughout the day, we keep searching for many things thrown into the sea.

Coronavirus caused the crisis

Asked what he does with the items found in the sea, Ali said that he sells these things. Shafiq told that in the last few years we have found many things in the sea. The devotees who come here are very absorbed in their worship and customs. Ali says that due to the Coronavirus at present, the number of people coming here has reduced very much, this has put their livelihood in jeopardy.

Vivek, one of the people who oversee the temple, said, 'These days, due to the coronavirus crisis, the number of devotees remains very low. We are following social distancing and not allowing more than four or five people to come to the temple together. ' According to official estimates, there are 7.5 lakh Hindus living in Pakistan. However, according to the community, the number of Hindus living in Pakistan is more than 90 lakhs. A large proportion of the Hindu population in Pakistan lives in Sindh province.