$ 19 million deal from the US will make PM and President’s security stronger


Washington: The safety and security of the Air India One used by the President of India and the Prime Minister will be more stronger. The United States has agreed to sell two defense missile systems for this aircraft. Their estimated cost is $ 19 million. According to the US Defense Headquarters Pentagon, the sale of these defense missile systems will strengthen the strategic relationship between the US-India. It will also help improve US foreign policy and national security.

The US Defense Security Assistance Agency (CSCA) informed the US Parliament on Wednesday that the Donald Trump government has approved the sale of 'Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures (LAIRCM) and 'Self-Protection Suits' (SPS). The estimated cost of this transaction is $ 19 million.

This decision of the US has come at a time when recently the Indian government requested him to give the LAIRCM and SPS system. Pentagon said that this defense system would make the security of Air India One equal to the US Air Force One. It will be installed in two Boeing-777 aircraft used by the President and the Prime Minister.

The plan of Government of India is to purchase two such Boeing-777 aircraft through Air India. LAIRCM system protects large planes from the missile system. Once installed, this system immediately warns the crew of the aircraft and reduces the rate of wrong alarm play.