19 burnt bodies found on Mexico-US border, bullet marks on all But no kiosks were found at the spot


Burnt bodies of 19 people have been found in the city of Victoria near the Mexico and US border. In this area near Texas, it is said that in recent years there have been many violent clashes between organized crime gangs.

Officials said all the bodies were found on the dusty road outside Camarajo. Actually, the residents there had complained of the burning of the vehicle. Upon investigation, officers found two burning vehicles. Four were found in one, while 15 bodies were found in the other.

He said that there were bullet marks on all the bodies, but not a single kiosk was found at the scene. Chief investigating officials say he was killed elsewhere before being burned. A Camejo official said on the condition of anonymity that the murder was committed on Friday, but people were afraid to report it.

Significantly, the Camarazzo is a very large base for the smuggling of drugs and crossing of migrants. That section is occupied by organized criminals because they used to get money when they passed anything from that border.

He said that last year too, in January, the bodies of 21 badly burned people were found in different vehicles in the neighboring town of Ciudad Mayer. A few days after that incident, Mexico's army killed 11 armed men in the area.