12 hours of work in China, employees committing self-immolation


Workers in China's e-commerce sector are committing suicide due to work pressure, low salary, and discrimination. The Corona epidemic has added to their stress. Employees of tech companies are also falling prey to it.

Employees of e-commerce companies doing home delivery are sending food and drink from door to door even in the cold winter. They are being employed for 12-12 hours. It is reported that under the pressure of such work, an employee of Ali Baba Group attempted self-immolation. He is fighting for life and death in the hospital. Two employees from another company have committed suicide.

The driver of Alibaba Group's e-commerce company attempted self-immolation due to non-payment of salary. The video is going viral on Chinese social media. However, the people present on the spot immediately sent this driver named Louis Jin to the hospital, where treatment is being done. These incidents have increased anger against such companies in China, who are taking arbitrary work from employees and are not paying even fair wages.