1000 girlfriends and 69000 birth control pills, know who is that religious leader who got 1075 years sentence


More than a thousand girlfriends and 69,000 birth control pills found at home. This story is not about a billionaire or a don, but of a Muslim religious leader from Turkey who has been sentenced to 1075 years for his death. Adnan Oktar, a Turkish Muslim religious leader, has been sentenced by an Istanbul court to 1075 years in 10 different cases related to sexual harassment.

The charges in which Adnan Oktar has been sentenced by a Turkish court to call himself a religious preacher and writer are very strict. Oktar was charged with sexual exploitation of children, raping women, promoting religious fundamentalism, promoting terrorism, fraud, and political and military espionage. He also ran his own channel.

Adnan is the head of a cult and the prosecution considers his organization criminal. In the year 2018, dozens of people of Oktar were arrested in raids across the country.

Used to tell girls their 'pet cat'

Oktar preached to people about the fundamentalist view, while he used to call women 'pet cats'. The 64-year-old Adnan often shared her pictures with the girls. He also danced with these women in TV shows. A case was filed against about 236 people associated with his sect and 78 of them were arrested.

69 thousand birth control pills from Adnan's house

During the court hearing, many surprising secrets came out about the creepy religious leader Adnan. Police found more than 69 thousand contraceptive pills at her home. When asked about this, he said that he uses these pills to treat skin allergies.

This religious leader was surrounded by glamorous girls

Adnan was always surrounded by beautiful and glamorous girls. Meanwhile, several women accused him of sexual abuse. During the court hearing, Adnan admitted that he had about 1,000 girlfriends. He had said that love for women instills in my heart. Love is the specialty of man. This is the quality of a Muslim. In response to another question, he said, "I have an extraordinary ability to become a father."

Claim to write more than 300 books

This religious leader also claims that he has written more than 300 books. They have been translated into 73 languages. He also wrote a book under his second name, Aaron Yahya. In this book, he explains Darwin's Evolution Theory behind global terrorism.

Used to feed contraceptive pills

A woman told during the hearing that Adnan sexually abused her and other women several times. Many women were forcibly raped and forced to eat contraceptive drugs. 69 thousand birth control pills were found from Adnan's house.

Came to the world in the 90s

Adnan first appeared to the world in the 1990s. At that time he was the leader of a cult, which was involved in sex scandals many times. One of its TV channels started airing online in 2011, which was strongly condemned by Turkish religious leaders.