1,300-year-old Hindu temple found in Swat, Pakistan


A 1,300-year-old Hindu temple has been discovered by Pakistani and Italian archaeological experts in a mountain in the Swat district of northwestern Pakistan. This temple was discovered during excavations at Barikot Bandai. According to information, this temple belongs to Lord Vishnu and was built here during the Hindu reign.

Fazle Khaliq, a senior officer of the Archaeological Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, confirmed this on Thursday, announcing that the idol of Lord Vishnu was installed here and he was worshiped many years ago.

He also said that this temple was built 1,300 years ago during the Hindu royal period. Cantonments and minarets for the guard have also been found near the temple site during the excavation. Experts have also found a pool of water near the temple.

Probably the devotees must have been taking bath before the puja here. This area has traces of the Hindu imperial period for the first time. Khaliq said that Swat district is home to a thousand years old archaeological sites and traces of the Hindu imperial period have been found for the first time in the area.

Hindu dynasty ruled

According to the information, this place has been Hindu Shahi or Kabul Shahi from 850 to 1026 AD. There was a Hindu dynasty here that ruled in Kabul Valley (eastern Afghanistan), Gandhar (modern Pakistan), and present-day northwest India. The head of Italy's archaeological mission, Dr. Luca, said that this was the first temple of Gandhar civilization discovered in the Swat district.