You will be stunned to know the truth of this viral photo of Jashodaben


Some time ago, a new photo has come in the market, what is the photo, if it is actually a photo-filtered Fittur, it is such a picture, in which Jasodaben i.e. Modi's wife is shown angry. This photo is from February this year, when Jasodaben tried to know what wedding papers Modi showed while making passport,

To know this, Jasodaben had filed RTI, then this big news was made, this photo of him is from the Regional Passport Office in Ahmedabad, where she went to ask for the answer.

Then the passport had created a complete ruckus from Modi's passport, Jasodaben had filed an application to get a passport in November last year, when he was asked to show proof of his marriage, he did not have any certificate, the application was made Thi reject, then he had questioned how Narendra Modi's passport became.