Woman beheads young man with a hammer, says- this punishment for trapping girls on Facebook


A 65-year-old woman hit the young man's head with a hammer in front of Gurdwara Guru Ka Taal in Agra at around 9 pm on Monday night. The woman was sitting on her bike with a lift. After the attack, the woman said, this is a punishment for trapping girls on Facebook. After this, he removed chili powder and razor from the bag and said that if you tried to run away, you would lose your life.

Police arrived on the information of the incident, took the injured youth to the hospital, and took the woman into custody. In front of the crowd gathered on the spot, the injured youth told that his name is Devendra, he is a resident of Mathura and is a compounder in the hospital. The woman called him and called, so he had arrived. The woman told the police that she belonged to Gwalior.

Devendra has ruined his life by befriending many girls he knows on Facebook. He plays with the spirit of the women. Befriends, deceives, exploits, and leaves. When the two women narrated her anguish, she decided to teach him a lesson.

Stayed in the hotel, waiting

The woman said that she came and stayed in Sikandra's hotel on Sunday itself. She was talking to the young man after changing his name. When he got into talks, he called him to meet.

Took a lift from ISBT, attacked in front of Gurdwara

The woman reported that Devendra called her on ISBT to meet her, she left. Seeing him there, he started running away. He said that he had come to think of him as young and beautiful, only to befriend the elderly. The woman told him to leave her in Sikandra. He gave a lift to the bike. As soon as he reached in front of the gurudwara, attacked him. Taught him a lesson so that he does not do this to anyone else. The woman told the police that her son is a doctor, a relative is a DIG in Madhya Pradesh. He has no enmity with Devendra, he only had to teach a lesson.

Action will be taken after the investigation

Police station Sikandra in-charge Arvind Singh said that the injured youth has been admitted to the hospital. The woman is being questioned. Tahrir has not been found yet. Action will be taken only after the investigation.