Winds of change in Bihar, public voice with Grand Alliance: Sonia


Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday appealed to the voters of the state to support the Grand Alliance in the Bihar Legislative Assembly elections and said that the state is on the verge of change and the voice of the people is with the alliance of RJD, Congress, and Left parties.

She also alleged that there are currently 'captive governments' in the Center and Bihar that have imposed demonetization, lockout, trade-off, economic closure, farm-barn closure, and roti-employment ban.

In a video message, Sonia said, "Today, the government in Bihar and its arrogance has lost its way. Neither they do well, nor do they speak. The workers are forced today. The farmer is upset today. The young man is disappointed today. "He also claimed," The fragile state of the economy is overshadowing the lives of the people. There is a serious crisis on the sons of the earth today. Dalits and Mahadalits have been brought to the brink of plight. Backward sections of society are also victims of this plight.

The Congress president said, "The Congress' voice of the people of Bihar is with the Grand Alliance. This is the call of Bihar today. "She claimed," The governments of Delhi and Bihar are 'captive governments' - demonetization, lockout, trade-off, economic confinement, farm-barn captive, bread-employment detention. That is why, against the captive government - the people of Bihar are ready for the creation of a new Bihar, for the next breed and the next crop. "The Congress President said," Now the change is ready. Because change is passion, energy, new thinking, and power. Now the time has come to write a new text. ''

According to Sonia, Bihar has qualities, skill, strength, construction power, but unemployment, migration, inflation, starvation have given her tears and blisters on her feet. Words that cannot be said have to be said with tears. Policy and governments cannot be created based on fear, fear, fear, crime.

She emphasized, "Bihar is a mirror of India, a hope." India believes, passion is passion. Farmers, youth, laborers, brothers, and sisters of Bihar are not just in Bihar but all over India and all over the world. Today, the same Bihar is ready for new changes in its villages, towns, cities, fields, and barns for its glory and future. ''

Sonia appealed to the voters, "Today is the time - to move from darkness to light, from lie to truth, from present to future." My appeal to the people of Bihar, which is called the land of knowledge, is to vote for the candidates of the grand alliance and build a new Bihar. ”