Will the newly elected government in Maharashtra lead the Shiv Sena for 5 years? know in detail


This question arises from everywhere, whether the Shiv Sena-led government will run for five years or not. In response to that Some analysis had been done, which you can read.

To know why this will work, read this answer now -

Uddhav Thackeray took the oath of Chief Minister of Maharashtra at Shivaji Park where DMK President Stalin, MP CM Kamal Nath, MNS chief Raj Thackeray, Devendra Fadnavis and Mukesh Ambani attended the oath ceremony.

Even before the formation of the government, the BJP has claimed that this three-wheeled government will not run for five years, but this is the BJP's claim as it did after the formation of its government with an absolute majority.

According to an analysis, this government will run like this for five years.

Shiv Sena - Shiv Sena is a strong party and has a powerful CM which will help Shiv Sena to remain in the government. The other reason is that Shiv Sena is forced to remain in government for five years due to its hunger for power.

Congress - Congress has been out of power at the Center for a long time, making the scandal hungry. If they got an opportunity in Rajasthan, Rajasthan has come first in corruption survey in the recent corruption survey, this survey is for the year 2019.

NCP - BJP was strong in the civic elections in Maharashtra, due to which NCP bodies are out of power, in such a situation, they will not remove their wheel from this three-wheeler car to keep something in hand.

Conclusion -

It is a government not of the interest of Maharashtra but of the parties, whose purpose is loot of power for anyone.

Famous people from Mumbai came to the capital to plunder, due to which they are forced to leave power.

Special - the ideology of all three is different and the election was also fought by different ideology. Congress party leaders are also opposing this alliance. On the other hand, there is resentment among Shiv Sena workers too, resignation rounds have started in them. All in all, there is a clear resentment, that is the strength of this alliance.

They know whether to go for elections after two months or face the public after five years, the three parties will be personally reduced between 5 and 15, the three parties together could not bring a seat worth opposition, due to which this whole government will run for five years.