Will send Modi sweets made with clay and pebbles to break his teeth: Mamata Banerjee


We will send Modi special sweets made with clay and pebbles into it to break his teeth said West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta, Banerjee in an apparent reference to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's remark in a recent interview with Akshay Kumar where he said TMC supremo sents him, special Bengali sweets.

Let us tell you that in his non-political interview with Akshay Kumar, PM Modi says that Mamta Didi sends him kurtas every year. On this, the Chief Minister of West Bengal had said that she sends kurtas as a gift to Prime Minister Modi. It does not belong to politics.

While addressing the public meeting in Birbhum district on Thursday, Mamata said, "Modi Babu says that I send him kurtas as a gift, I ask what is wrong in it. I do not only send gifts to Modi but I also send gifts to many others. But we do not talk about this because it is not our culture. This is our courtesy.

Mamta Banerjee also said that we should give Modi sweets instead of votes. Claiming that Modi does not suit the position of the prime minister, she said: "I have never seen such a prime minister, making below standard remarks."