Will kill me ... Save me president ... sent the message and died after five hours


‘Mr. President, here is the situation that there is no doctor. These people are doing their research. Will kill me for good. Save me, tonight is tough. '

This is a message sent on WhatsApp that BJP Metropolitan Minister and Councilor Rakesh Khare had sent to BJP Metropolitan President Dharmendra Nath Mishra just five hours before his death. Ironically, despite this Rakesh could not be saved. Now when this message was received by his family from his mobile, they came to him.

He says that there has been a mess. We have not been told about this message at all. They will demand an inquiry from the authorities. Rakesh Khare (40), a Katghar resident, was admitted to Cosmos first and then to TMU on August 29, due to ill health. His wife Lakshmi told that news of his death came from there on September 8.

Told that he died at seven in the morning. According to Lakshmi, when she checked her mobile now, she saw that a message was sent by her to BJP Metropolitan President Dharmendra Nath Mishra. The same night the message was sent at 2 o'clock in which he made a poignant plea to protect himself. Apart from this, it was also questioned that some research is being done on them.

According to Lakshmi, the surprising thing is that Dharmendra Nath Mishra did not tell him about this message. There have definitely been disturbances. It should be investigated. According to Rakesh's brother Rambabu Khare, Rakesh was a militant BJP worker. His entire family depended on him. Apart from wife, son (14) and daughter (12) are in the house. He said that he will meet officials and BJP officials in this regard as well.

I did not show this message to the family of Rakesh that the situation was not such that he would have shown them. They would have been more upset. Rakesh was definitely very combative and his departure caused a big setback to the party. We did not allow any harm to his treatment. Continually spoke to the District Magistrate and the District Magistrate also talked to TMU and made arrangements for better treatment from them. Since Rakesh's condition deteriorated and the lungs were not functioning, he could not be saved. My whole sympathies are with his family and the entire organization stands with this family.

-Dharmendra Nath Mishra, Metropolitan President BJP

We used a lot of strength to save Rakesh Khare. Apart from BJP officials, DM himself was serious about his treatment. He was given plasma twice. American Remedesivir medicine given. Modern technology (HNC) high flow nasal cannula. Put on a ventilator but he could not recover. Since he was overweight, diabetic, and also had lung problems.