Who is this woman, whom Rahul Gandhi embraces in Kerala,  you will be surprised to know


On the third day of his visit to Kerala, Congress President Rahul Gandhi did a great roadshow in Kozhikode. At the same time, during this road show, he has made a lot of remarks on BJP and PM Narendra Modi. But before this roadshow, an emotional round was seen because of that everyone was emotionally amazed for a while. Actually, the Congress President met the female nurse Rajamma Wavathil and embraced her.

Know who is Rajamma Wavathil

In fact, the 72-year-old female nurse who hugged her was the same woman who claimed that when Rahul Gandhi was born, she was present in the hospital. At the same time, she also claimed that at the time of birth, she had been the first person who has kept Rahul Gandhi in her lap.

When the questions about Rahul Gandhi's citizenship were raised during the Lok Sabha elections, Rajamma had said that she still remembers the days when Rahul Gandhi was born. She also said that when Sonia Gandhi was being taken for delivery, Rahul Gandhi's father Rajiv Gandhi and uncle Sanjay Gandhi were waiting outside.