Who is not serious to wear the mask, watch this video once, you will not be careless from today


Corona cases are definitely decreasing in the country, but this does not mean that Corona has left us now. PM Modi also addressed the country on Tuesday, saying that the lockdown must have ended but Corona has not yet left.

He said that all people must apply masks and wash hands from time to time. But despite all this, if you are showing negligence then definitely watch this video. After watching it you will stop being careless and wearing a mask will become your priority.

This video has been shared by Twitter user Arvinder Soin. Did he write in the caption that now you understand? Do wear a mask The video has received 3.6 lakh views so far. Soin further wrote that it is a visual art and it is giving a strong message. This video is being well-liked by the people.

Soin said that wearing masks should always be thrown in the dustbin and be safe. This video shows how many microscopes are needed to see the virus. At the same time, he said that by zooming in, it shows how a mask prevents the corona.