When the woman gave the husband a fake child, then you will be surprised to see what happened


Sometimes, at the moment of leisure, people think of having fun with their close ones. There are thousands of videos on the internet where members of the house are seen pranking each other. A fresh video has gone viral amidst all this. In this video, a woman is seen pranking her husband.

After watching this video it will be difficult for you guys to stop laughing. The video was posted on Instagram on October 14 and has seen 3.6 lakh people so far.

In fact, in this video, a woman named Sarah is seen playing a video-playing husband with a toy child instead of the actual child. Since the husband was interested in playing video games, he did not pay attention while adopting the child and kept it in the lap. But 20 minutes later, as soon as he saw the fake child, he could not stop laughing at himself. He laughed for a long time.

The first smile that the husband gave after the response, the wife is telling him the best smile ever.