When PM Imran Khan was scared to see Modi in front of him, Know the whole story


PM Modi is such a person in himself that everyone will feel a little nervous before talking or meeting. Modi has made several foreign visits and met with presidents of other countries. PM Modi has brought laurels to the country of India and left his indelible mark on others.

Talk about the neighboring country of India, Pakistan, India's relations are never good. Today we are going to tell you about an anecdote related to Pak PM Imran Khan and PM Modi. When Imran Khan encountered Mr. Narendra Modi, he was horrified.

This incident happened in 2006 during a conference here. At that time Narendra Modi was the CM of Gujarat. This story has been revealed in the book 'Imran vs Emraan - The Untold Story' written on Imran.

Imran and Mr. Modi were invited as speakers at this conference. But Imran was not aware that Modi is also going to join it. He was sitting in his seat only to see that Mr. Modi was coming towards him from the front. Modi stood in front of him and Emraan was stunned upon seeing this. He tried to save his eyes but Mr. Modi shook hands with him with warmth.

In his interaction with Imran, Modi lauded his cricketing skills. He talked about many records and matches made by Imran Khan. Imran was also surprised by how much information Mr Modi has about cricket and his game. Modi also praised his batting.

He just kept on listening silently at that time and somehow he thanked Shri Modi for his appreciation. Imran Khan's life came to his face when he saw that the photographers were coming to capture this meeting on camera.

According to the book, Modi's image as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, in 2002, his image in Pakistan was very bad due to the riots there. At this time, Imran Khan had this thing in mind that if this picture appeared on the front page of a newspaper in Pakistan, then his political image in Pakistan could be tarnished.

However, Imran was relieved when he found that nothing was printed in the Pakistani press regarding this meeting.