Wheels of private buses stopped in Rajasthan! Click here to know more


If you are thinking of traveling by private bus today, then avoid it. Today private bus operators are on strike for their demand. Due to this, private buses are not operating in the state today.

Due to this strike, the wheels of about 35 thousand buses have stopped in the state. The Private Bus Operators Association has threatened the state government of indefinite flywheel jam if the tax imposed during the Corona period is not withdrawn.

Private bus operators say that the lockdown was imposed by the government due to corona infection. Due to this, the transport of private buses was banned. Corona period tax is also being taken by the government.

Even after several rounds of talks with the government, it is not ready to give up its revenue. At the same time, an appeal has been made by the Rajasthan government to the people of the state to postpone the journey.