What would happen if someone suddenly attacks the Prime Minister's car with a bomb or grenade?


How the security of the Prime Minister of the country is? So today we will tell you how security is given to the Prime Minister of India, talk about where the Prime Minister of the country i.e. Narendra Modi Ji is kept there, from the ground to the sky, every step is monitored.

Now the question is what will happen if someone suddenly attacks PM's car, then there is a simple answer, nothing will happen, because if someone attacks this car with modern weapons like AK 47 and bomb, then the car It will not have any effect on the person sitting inside. Even the 7 Series car of PM's BMW does not have any grenade effect.

Even if someone comes close and strikes from a window with a 44 caliber handgun, the glass will not be affected because it is completely bulletproof. The Prime Minister's convoy consists of more than a dozen vehicles, including two armored BMW 7 Series sedans, six BMW X5s and a Mercedes Benz ambulance.

In the PM's convoy, the Delhi Police Security Staff's car is at the front and the back. This is followed by SPG's car and two more cars behind them, followed by two vehicles on the left and right side, and in between is the Prime Minister's car, which is a 760Li Security Edition car on the Bulletproof BMW 7 Series.