What are the new rules for travel in special trains, how and when to get reserved tickets


The beating train of the country is now back on track. A large number of people stranded in lockdown are leaving for their homeland. To travel by train, you will be able to book tickets online as well as through railway counters, Passenger Facilitation Centers, more than two lakh Common Service Centers across the country, Passenger Facilitation Centers, Post Offices and Mobile Apps. Ticket agents have also been allowed to book travel tickets.

You can travel by taking tickets for 230 trains running on railway tracks. Can you book advance tickets for trains for four months in advance? Due to COVID-19, the parcel van was not going on the train. Now, this coach will also be connected to trains. The advantage of this is that now luggage can also be booked on trains. That is, this luggage will be booked if there is more luggage. Unreserved ticket not found. The same number of tickets are being issued as the coach has the capacity to sit. These trains are sleeper coaches as well as AC coaches.

How to get reserved travel ticket

You can book travel tickets by visiting the website of IRCTC.

If you download the app on mobile, then the ticket will be booked from that also.

Tickets can also be booked at the Passenger Facilitation Center, Post Office, Common Service Center, including the railway station.

For travel by special train, tickets can be booked 120 days in advance i.e. four months in advance. However, we will have to wait for the week.

If you want to travel suddenly, then there is also the facility of a Tatkal ticket. Booking of Tatkal tickets is also being done one day in advance.

Current counters are also opening at the station for the sudden journey. The reservation chart is being prepared four hours before the train leaves, there is an immediate ticket booking facility if the seat is vacant. Similarly, tickets can be taken from the station's current counter up to half an hour before the train starts. Actually, passengers who cancel their confirmed ticket or if the booking of reserved seats under quota is canceled, you can book these seats on current booking because 2 charts of train one 4 hours in advance and one Is made 2 hours in advance. Many tickets are also canceled between the first and second charts. In such a situation, passengers can make a current booking for vacant seats.

Booking of Tatkal tickets was banned from the time of lockdown, booking of advance tickets was also banned. Which has been lifted from 1 June?

If you have a confirmed ticket then only you will be able to travel on the train. Entry will be given on the station premises.

Those with RSC tickets are being allowed to travel.

Travel on unreserved tickets will not be allowed in reserved coaches.

If there is a ticket of four people on one PNR and one ticket is confirmed, then everyone will be allowed to travel. However, money can be withdrawn by canceling the ticket if desired.

If the symptoms of coronavirus are found during screening, then travel will not be allowed. Full ticket money will be returned.

It will be mandatory to wear a mask during the journey.

Social distancing will have to be followed not only during station entry but also during travel.

The facility of e-catering will not be available on the train. Better to take food from home. Package food and water passengers will have to spend money.

Downloading the Arogya Setu App in mobile will be necessary for the journey.