We are alert for every inch of our land, no one can snatch it from us: Shah


Amid the months of deadlock in Ladakh with China, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Saturday that no one can snatch even an inch of our land. Shah said that the Modi government is alert to protect every inch of the land of our country and no one can take it from us. Shah also indirectly warned that the government would try every possible military and the diplomatic option to resolve the deadlock in Ladakh with China.

Shah said in an interview that our security forces and leadership are fully capable of protecting the sovereignty and border of the country. Shah was asked whether China had entered Indian territory? The Home Minister also said that the government is committed to protecting the sovereignty and security of the country. Citing the upcoming Bihar elections, Shah expressed confidence that the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) would get a two-thirds majority.

He said that Nitish Kumar will become the next Chief Minister in the state after the elections. When asked if the BJP won more seats than its ally JDU led by Nitish Kumar, would the saffron party stake its claim to the post of Chief Minister? He said that there is no but or but in this matter. Nitish Kumar will be the next Chief Minister of Bihar. We have publicly announced this and are committed to it. On the Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) contesting separate elections from the ruling coalition in Bihar, Shah said that the party had given him enough seats, but he still withdrew from the coalition. He said that it was not his (LJP) decision.

Right to demand President's rule in West Bengal

Expressing concern over the law and order situation in West Bengal, Home Minister Amit Shah described the situation as very serious. He said that opposition political parties like BJP etc. have full right to demand the imposition of President's rule there. He said that the central government will take appropriate decisions in this regard based on the constitution and the report of the governor. He also hoped to win the BJP in the assembly elections. Shah said that after the assembly elections next year, the government in West Bengal will change and the BJP will come to power and form the government. He said that we understand that we will fight a firm fight in West Bengal and we will form the government.