WARNING: Group of Pakistani hackers targeting critical structures in India


A group of Pakistani hackers is targeting sensitive and critical Indian infrastructure like power, telecom, finance with modern phishing attacks. A major cybersecurity company has issued a warning regarding this.

A cybersecurity company has warned of phishing attacks

Cybersecurity consultant Quick Heal Technologies has said that a group of suspected Pakistani hackers has launched sophisticated phishing attacks on critical Indian infrastructure, Pentapostagma reported. According to company experts, the initial chain of this cyber-attack begins with a spear-phishing email.

This is a type of email that is designed to get the user to install a virus, Trojan, or other malware. Usually, this email appears to have been sent by government agencies and has attached a fake document like IT return or similar. The recipient of the email is requested to download and open this document and verify it.

According to a Pentapostagma report, experts at Quick Heal claim that the government institutions targeted by hackers have created fake versions of the websites they usually open by their employees. The company has issued a warning to beware of any such emails.