Warning: BJP MP raging on violence in Bengal, said - remember Trinamool MP, CM also has to come to Delhi


During the assembly elections in West Bengal, there were many reports of violence between political parties and anti-social elements. However, violence is being carried out in the state despite the end of the election process and the results being declared. BJP MP Parvesh Sahib Singh has accused the people of Trinamool Congress (TMC) of committing violence and murder. Singh says that after TMC's victory in West Bengal, the party's 'goons' have beaten up BJP workers. Not only this, but Parvesh has also warned TMC. He said that TMC MPs, Chief Ministers, and MLAs also have to come to Delhi.

Tweeted warning

BJP MP from West Delhi Parvesh Sahib Singh tweeted and taunted TMC. He wrote, 'TMC goons killed our workers as soon as they won the elections, broke the carts of BJP workers, are setting the house on fire. Remember, TMC MPs, Chief Ministers, MLAs also have to come to Delhi, consider this as a warning. Defeat is a victory in an election, not a murder. '

Union Home Ministry took cognizance of the case

Here, the BJP office in Arambagh was also set ablaze by some unknown miscreants. In such a situation, now the Union Home Ministry has taken cognizance of the matter regarding the continuing political violence in West Bengal. The ministry has asked the state government to report on the violence committed after the elections in the state targeting the leaders of the opposition party.