Vikas Dubey might be corona positive, relatives report was corona positive in whose house he stayed 


Nearly a week after the Kanpur encounter, Vikas Dubey, the most wanted gangster of Uttar Pradesh's most wanted 5 lakh, came under dramatic police arrest in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh on Thursday. Vikas was absconding for 6 days after killing 8 policemen in Bikaru village of Kanpur on the night of 2 July. Meanwhile, it is now being speculated that Vikas Dubey Corona may be infected. Such a possibility is because the report of his relative Shravan Mishra has come corona positive. Shravan Mishra is a relative who lives in Faridabad and whose house Vikas Dubey stayed one day and escaped to Ujjain. Shravan Mishra and his son Ankur are currently in jail on charges of sheltering Vikas.

The Faridabad Police launched a search operation after seeing Vikas there, after which he arrested three people. The three people are Vikas's partner Prabhat Mishra and relatives Shravan Mishra and Ankur Mishra. Prabhat was handed over to UP STF on transit remand, which the police shot in self-defense while being taken to UP this morning. Prabhat died in this.

At the same time, before sending it to jail, the corona examination of Shravan and Ankur was done, in which the report of Shravan came to Corona positive on Wednesday late evening. This is the reason that it is believed that dozens of people coming in contact with Vikas Dubey and arrested Shravan may be infected.

Caught development like this

Vikas reached Mahakal temple on Thursday morning. Here he got VIP receipt and went to see Baba. During this time he was identified by a shop operator and security personnel. The security guard informed his superiors and followed him. Visiting development, the police personnel and security personnel seated the post at the post. After getting caught, he started shouting 'I am Kanpur wala Vikas Dubey hoon'. The police also confirmed this through a mobile number.