Vikas Dubey came to Madhya Pradesh from Lucknow by riding the car, HIGH COURT was written on the number plate


Vikas Dubey has been arrested on Thursday morning from the Mahakal temple premises of Ujjain. Police have also seized a vehicle after the arrest of Vikas Dubey. The car is registered in the name of some Manoj Yadav and its number plate has HIGH COURT written on it. Police suspect that Vikas reached MP by riding on the same vehicle. As the number court has written on the number plate, that is why it did not have any problem in crossing the border. Police brought the vehicle to the police station. After this, two people reached the police station looking for the car and they said that this is my car. The two men who reached Ujjain's police station called themselves lawyers and said that they had come to visit Ujjain. After this, both the lawyers have been seated in the police station and are being interrogated. Police suspect that Vikas Dubey has come to Ujjain in this car. Both lawyers are currently being questioned.

Manoj Yadav is also a lawyer. His wife has denied the allegation of being in contact with Vikas Dubey. Along with this, Manoj Yadav also spoke on the phone to his wife and dismissed all the allegations. The police team has also reached Manoj Yadav's Lucknow home. Manoj Yadav's wife is being interrogated. The wife is being asked under what circumstances Manoj Yadav has gone to Ujjain. Now what is the reality, it will be revealed only after investigation.

Police lost sweat to catch the development

Let me tell you, the notorious Vikas Dubey, who was responsible for the death of 8 police personnel in Kanpur encounter, has been arrested by the MP police from Mahakal temple in Ujjain. When a person reached the temple premises, after entering inside the temple, he shouted himself as Vikas Dubey and there was a stir. The guard standing at the gate of the temple immediately informed the police after which he has been detained.

An alert was issued in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Delhi, and Madhya Pradesh to catch the notorious development, but the development is so vicious that it misled the police of seven states for seven days.

To catch the development, the force of forty police stations of Kanpur, ten thousand policemen and more than a hundred teams of UP STF, as well as the State Intelligence Department kept searching for him, but after fleeing all these, he escaped to Madhya Pradesh and then easily Got caught by the police. The most shocking thing is that after the incident of Kanpur encounter on July 2, Vikas was hiding in Shivli village, just five km from the development site, and the police kept searching for him in the entire state. No one knew where the development was for five days after the incident.