VHP claims to build Ram temple in 6 months after a verdict in favor, stir increasing 


The Vishwa Hindu Parishad has claimed that if the decision of the Supreme Court comes in their favor, then a grand Ram temple will be constructed in six months. On this, the Nirmohi Arena said that we will build the temple. The VHP said that we have so many cut stones that we will erect the temple structure in 6 months. Nirmohi Akhara said that the model of the temple is ready, the design is also final, just waiting for the decision of the Supreme Court ...

Hearing on Ayodhya dispute has been completed in Supreme Court. The Supreme Court can now pronounce the verdict within 23 days. But before that, a period of claims started regarding the construction of the temple in Ayodhya. The VHP claimed that if the verdict came in favor of the Hindus, they would erect the structure of the Ram temple in 6 months. On the other hand, Nirmohi Arena says that we will build the temple. VHP spokesperson Sharad Sharma said that if the verdict comes in favor, we have so many rock-cut stones that we will erect the structure of Ram temple in 6 months. In 1990, the workshop was built in Ayodhya, where the stones are carved by high-quality artisans.

We will build the temple, claims Nirmohi Arena. (Photo: Google)

Mahant Dinendra Das of Nirmohi Akhara says that the temple was there for us. The Nirmohi Arena is capable of building temples. If the VHP is ready to accept the Nirmohi Akhara, then we are also ready. If they are not ready, we are not ready either. On the question of taking support from the VHP for the construction of the temple, Mahanta Dinendra Das of Nirmohi Akhada said that we will seek cooperation from Ram Ji. I am here only because of Ram Ji. On what is the preparation to build the temple, Das said that our punches sitting in Govardhan, Vrindavan, Chitrakoot, Rajasthan, and Ujjain are ready. The model of the temple has also been prepared. The design is also final. The Supreme Court's decision is awaited.

It is being said that the temple model will be prepared. (Photo: Google)

VHP spokesperson Sharad Sharma claimed that 1 lakh 75 thousand cubic feet of stone are to be built in the entire temple. Out of this, more than 1 lakh cubic feet of stone has been carved. The temple's lion gate, the continual pavilion, the shrine of the sanctum sanctorum and the ground floor part are all set. Sharad Sharma also informed me that the temple will be on two floors. Rockwork is to be done on the second floor. There are 106 pillars in the lower part of the temple, they are ready. There will also be 106 pillars above. 16 to 16 sculptures will be made on each pillar. The carving on the pillars remains to be done.