Vande India: People returning from Dubai at Goa airport created a ruckus, said: do not send Quarantine Center send us to home


Passengers on the first special flight that returned from Goa to Goa on Tuesday night under the Vande India Mission created an uproar at the airport when some of them refused to go to the Quarantine Center. Passengers said that he would not pay for the 14-day quarantine center. They should be sent to their home. Explain that a total of 155 Indians have been brought home from this first special flight from Dubai to Goa.

Giving information in this regard, Goa Health Secretary Nila Mohanan said that the plane from Dubai had arrived at the airport on Tuesday night carrying 155 passengers. When this passenger arrived at Dabolim airport, he immediately started screaming and crying that he would not pay money to go to the Quarantine Center and wanted to go to his house. This led to an unpleasant situation like an uproar at the airport for some time.

Mohanan said that a WhatsApp group of passengers involved in each flight is formed, including senior officers. Necessary guidelines are shared with all passengers through this group. As per the guideline issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of External Affairs under the Vande Bharat Mission, a memorandum of understanding is signed for the passenger to go to the Quarantine Center before boarding the aircraft and bear the expenses.

He said that it was very regrettable that such behavior was displayed by our brothers and sisters who had come back from Dubai. He said that this behavior is in violation of the guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs and External Affairs and several sections of the Disaster Management Act. The government is serious about this.

He said that due to this entire development, the collection of swab samples and other necessary procedures at the airport was interrupted for some time. He said that we were present here to welcome him, but they all turned back on their commitment. We feel saddened by such incidents, as her group included pregnant women and children.

Mohanan said that every passenger had chosen to go to the Quarantine Center of his choice, and buses were arranged for all. When people do not cooperate .. the whole administrative machinery feels disappointed, which is engaged in their work of reception and security. However, after this everyone finally agreed to go to the Quarantine Center. Let us know that on Tuesday, six new cases of corona have been reported in Goa.