Vaccination: The government staggered from its target within a month, informed the Supreme Court about 81 crore less doses


By the end of the year, the government is backing down from the claim of every citizen of the country being vaccinated. During a recent press conference, Dr. VK Paul, a member of NITI Aayog, had claimed that by December 2021, 216 crore vaccine doses would be available to the country.

After this, different ministers of the central government also said in a statement that by the end of this year all people would be vaccinated, but the government has now informed the Supreme Court that by the month of December, 135 crore doses will be available.

That is, 81 crore doses have been reduced from the target of the government in a month. If we look at the general math on the basis of the information given to the Supreme Court, then in a country with a population of 135 crores, only 50 percent of the population will get two doses of vaccination by the month of December.

Whereas through the target of 216 crores vaccination of all people could be almost completed. On the other hand, the Ministry of Health has informed that the last consignment of this month has been issued. The states will get 20 lakh doses in the next three days.

So far, more than 31.51 crore doses have been given by the Center to the states, out of which the total consumption (including wastage) is 30,35,97,466 doses. More than 1.15 crore doses are still available in the states.

Such a changed target of the government on these vaccines

Vaccine Press Conference Supreme Court

Covishield करोड़ 75 Cr 50 Cr

Covaxin 55 Cr 40 Cr

Biologic 30 Cr 30 Cr

Sides 05 Cr 05 Cr

Sputnik 15 crore 10 crore

New order of vaccine from August

The Health Ministry said that states will continue to get the vaccine under the old order till July next month. Whereas under the new order, the supply of vaccines will start from August.

The government has placed orders for Serum, Bharat Biotech, Biologic E, and Zydus Cadila for dosages from August to December 2021. While the production of the Sputnik vaccine is still going on.

Meanwhile, Kovavax has also started making serums. The government may soon issue more orders for these vaccines. The government had ordered 51.6 crore doses between January and July.

So far, Bharat Biotech has been able to deliver 2.80 crore doses, corona vaccination is going on in the country since January. Even after passing about six months, Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech Company has so far been able to provide only 2.80 crore doses to the government. Whereas the company has made several claims of providing 10 to 12 crore doses per month by issuing continuous statements.

NITI Aayog member Dr. VK Paul, the Ministry of Health, and the Central Government have also issued statements in the press conference, relying on these claims, but according to the information given in the Supreme Court, only 2.80 crore doses have been received between January and May. . On May 5, the government ordered five crore doses to Bharat Biotech, but so far the company has not been able to deliver a single dose.