Vaccination: Government will reach people through WhatsApp to avoid rumors


Immunization programs against the coronavirus can be started at any time in the country. Its preparations have reached the final stage. In such a situation, before vaccination, the government has also prepared a special strategy for rumors. Under this, the government has planned to reach the people through WhatsApp to avoid rumors.

Communication plan prepared from block to district and state to national level

Separate communication plans have been made from block to district and state to national level. The Union Health Ministry has shared the Kovid-19 vaccine communication strategy with the state and union territories.

Planned to provide every correct information of corona vaccination

A senior official of the ministry said that there will be special monitoring on social media during the vaccination. Governments are cautious about using Facebook and WhatsApp mostly. The administration will act to send correct information about the school, panchayat, local leader, and a group of RWA. There will also be a logo on every message of the government so that its credibility cannot be questioned.

The additional force will be deployed at the district level

Apart from the 88-page communication strategy, the government has also decided to deploy additional forces at the district level regarding the safety of the Kovid-19 vaccine. The administration is alert keeping in mind the evasion of vaccines etc. A senior official said that the government has put media, social institutions, MP-MLAs, medical institutes, and the people vaccinated in different categories to make the information about vaccination accessible to the people.

Through these, more and more people will be reached and effective communication will be established. Separate officers are being deployed for this from the community health center to the state level.

Not only this, but the government has also decided to bring all the religious leaders together in the vaccination campaign and raise awareness among the public. In the communication strategy, the government has clarified that it is the responsibility of the administration to keep the truth against any rumor or misconception during or before vaccination.